PNL – DA [Clip Officiel]( AMERICAN REACTION! )

PNL – DA [Clip Officiel]
PNL – DA [Clip Officiel]
PNL – DA [Clip Officiel]


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20 thoughts on “PNL – DA [Clip Officiel]( AMERICAN REACTION! )

  1. LuLu Quinn Reply

    The translation was correct and what he meant with his daddy's balls is the strength and courage that his father had as you say in english "u got balls" means u are courage

  2. TheDegustationDeRedBullNoFake78 Reply

    He said :"I have daddy's balls ". The translation is correct 😉

  3. Abdou Rasmel Reply

    oooooo so good can you try this le monde ou rien 😭😭😭😭😭😭😍

  4. ABD HBIB Reply

    مممممممممممممممم ليفيديو تاع رياكشن يديرهم من اليونيوب
    سرعة الانترنت خيالية

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