Natural Vision Improvement Peripheral Vision Eye Exercises Introduction

This course at is designed as the foundational course for improving eye fitness and vision performance.

The introductory course is now also available through JVZoo under the title “Presence”.

Peripheral awareness, or the volume of active, real-time spatial perception in our consciousness, is the foundation of every higher order visual ability that we want to restore, maintain and develop.

Peripheral vision is the context for any visual content we are interested in.

It is the ground for every figure that we discern.

It is the space in which we have the freedom to think and move.

It is the space inside the box, and the room to think outside the box as well.

When it comes to movement and physical performance issues, such as are challenged at a high level in sports, it is the peripheral awareness that becomes the database from which we can program and coordinate all movement.

It determines the quality of input that determines the reliability and ability to recall our visual and other embedded memories.

Our relationship to our visual space guides us in navigating the social sphere, and leads our journey into the transcendent connection with our non-local source, as well as our mission of manifesting that transcendent nature here and now in this life for the benefit of all.
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16 thoughts on “Natural Vision Improvement Peripheral Vision Eye Exercises Introduction

  1. eva w Reply

    Healthy physical eye vision is important, but more important is INNER VISION.

  2. Want to get 500 subs with no videos challenge Reply

    Great video! And has anyone said you look like gandalf

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