Natural Vision Correction

Learn how to help your eyesight naturally. This is extremely simple but a very powerful way to help slow down and even reverse bad eye sight.
Don’t expect results in 1 or 2 days. Do it consistently every day for two weeks and you will notice better vision.

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4 thoughts on “Natural Vision Correction

  1. theloudlad 22 Reply

    Thanks, I thought of you had bad vision that was it.
    I'm short sighted, so I can't see distances very well.
    Also would you suggest avoid wearing my glasses as much as I can?

  2. Reggie Smith Reply

    Would you provide a list of vitamins and minerals that I need to buy? My vision is horrible. One eye is -2.50 and the other is -2.75. I am determined to fix them naturally.

  3. ChicagoCabbie Rick Reply

    poor audio…hard to hear…a mic on your person would be good

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