Leo Angart – Natural Vision Improvement

Leo Angart appearing on UK tv to discuss natural eyesight improvement. Two young adults participated in his course and found immediate improvements.

His 3 Principles are:

1. Believing it is possible
2. Exercising/changing the way the eyes are used.
3. Boosting general energy levels

Official Website:

Official Book:
‘Improve Your Eyesight Naturally’ by Leo Angart
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12 thoughts on “Leo Angart – Natural Vision Improvement

  1. Takwesha Noli Reply

    Eyeglasses and lenses damages your vision and surgical treatment is too harmful, you've better check out some eyesight improvement exercises. My mate have try it and today he's 20/20

  2. Otis Brown Reply

    People do managed to get back to 20/20 – with several methods. 1) Bates, and 2) Wearing a "preventive" plus lens for all close work – starting at 20/50. It is now two years later – and we still do not know the status of the two people who reported their vision. Why not report it?

  3. Mary Iva Oliver Reply

    I am on Youtube, Amazon, forums warning about the harm the Plus Lens treatment does. I will send a free True Natural Eyesight book. No glasses! Click through through my channel.
    Dont take Plus Lens advice from otissummerbrown, it will harm your vision, eye health.

  4. Otis Brown Reply

    What has been around for 100 years are also MDs and ODs who recommend, that 1) The minus be avoided and 2) Consistent with reading Line 4 (DMV) the person read with what is called a "plus lens". I totally support these methods, including the plus. The final test is for the person to read Line 5, which PASSES most DMV tests. This would be a convincing follow up — and would be very valuable proof. Is anyone going to do it?

  5. Otis Brown Reply

    It is rather clear that Leo is grossly over-prescribed at -4.5 diopters. If he is close to passing line 6 and line 4 (20/50) he is close to passing the normal DMV test. He can also function (most of the time) with no minus. In fact, a -1 would probably allow him to pass the DMV, thus his is over prescribed by -3.5 diopters. I hope he continues with this work, but plan not six months.

    1. 20/200
    2. 20/100
    3. 20/70
    4. 20/50
    5. 20/40
    6. 20/30
    7. 20/25
    8. 20/20
    9. 20/15
    10. 20/13
    11. 20/10

  6. Otis Brown Reply

    The natural eye GOES DOWN when you place it in "long-term near". The primate eye, when placed in a cage for seven years, becomes seriously myopic — from -1.5 to -5 diopters. This is a natural and EXPECTED process for all eyes. We should learn from science and scientific proof. But this type of scientific data — is prohibited from publication in medical journals. That is indeed anti-scientific and a problem in scientific freedom of speech. Thanks!

  7. Otis Brown Reply

    I am a total supporter of all methods of prevention. At -3 diopters, it would be good if they young man read the Snellen chart you had up — to establish a STARTING visual acuity. Then, after six months, it would be good to establish the visual acuity at that point. As we all know, 20/40 defines the DMV test. Typically -3 diopers means 20/200. It would be profound if he could get to 20/60 after six months. Pleas post his results when you can.

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