Jeremy Buendia Blasts Legs with Coach Hany Rambod

Who said Men’s Physique competitor’s don’t have legs? Team Evogen’s 3X Olympia Physique Champion Jeremy Buendia blasts legs while on the road at Pearl St Gym in Long Branch, NJ. To save 15% on your next Evogen order of AminoJect premium amino acid accelerator use code EVOTUBE at

11 thoughts on “Jeremy Buendia Blasts Legs with Coach Hany Rambod

  1. Brady Patrick Reply

    Finally. I've wanted to see a buendia/FST leg workout for the longest time.

  2. Golds 6584 Reply

    please share jeremy calves workout. you never shared any calves workout on fst7 workout vedio.pleaseeeee

  3. TheDungeonGymMalaysia Reply

    whats the point training legs that intense..hes wearing short onstage

  4. eric hernan cabezas briones Reply

    finally I saw a leg workout… I wanna see a FST7 routine bro 💪

  5. raed alshaer Reply

    Had to do 100 squats after watching this because its 2 am and the gym is closed…

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