Coaching employees out of ‘victim’ mind-sets: HR Masterclass by Eleanor Shakiba

Find out how to deal with people who ‘play victim’ in order to gain power at work. Hear why employees play victim and how to respond to their baiting tactics. Learn how to handle poor me stories and prevent yourself being drawn into a toxic ‘drama triangle’. Get practical advice on how to train, coach and manage role-playing victims in your workplace. Download a free tip sheet (link to HR article) to complement this practical video by the author of Difficult People Made Easy, Eleanor Shakiba.

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Coaching the Kickoff Kicker: Technique and Mechanics

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Coaching the Kickoff Kicker: Technique and Mechanics provides a comprehensive overview of how coaches can successfully work with their kickoff kickers. The DVD reviews the four basic phases of the kickoff—from the initial footwork to the follow through. The DVD also discusses the adjustments that should be made when common mechanical problems occur with the kickoff. In addition, the DVD details the proper techniques involved in the different types of game-situational kickoffs, including the pooch, squib, and onside.

Among the topics covered:

• The tee
• The steps
• The approach to the ball
• The contact point
• Keep the head down
• Follow through demonstration
• Deep right and left kickoffs
• The pooch kick
• Squib kick
• Dribble kicks
• Short surprise line drive
• Obvious onside kicks
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