All items in video were purchased by me or where gifts from friends or family. This video was requested by one of my lovely beauties “MARIELOVESBLUE”, so no HATE comments please.
My Louis Vuitton purse collection: Monogram Treuville, Monogram Cabo Messa & monogram zippy wallet, Monogram Vernis ALMA bag in ROSE color & matching wallet, Darmir Azur Neverful bag and matching wallet with gold embossed initials, LV Monogram backpack. Also in video were a variety of different bags Franco DiBass leather shoulder bag, ICLASSE purses & cosmetic bags by Alviero Maritin, COACH small red leather purse, small brown purse with long strap, black leather backpack and other style purses, Vera Bradley bag, Brighton black leather wallet, Norway flag mess metal purse.
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In the video I am wearing:
“IMPRESS” nails which are awesome. They have the look of salon nails and they last almost 2 weeks. The good part is they do not damage your nails once you take them off. Rings I am wearing actual shells from the ocean. They drill a hole through it and smooth out the edges.
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Bracelet: made of plastic with “LISSAANDBEAUTY” on it which I got from the local swap meet here along in Hawaii with the shell rings.

13 thoughts on “My Purse Collection LV, COACH, DOONEY & BOURKE, ICLASSE, & MORE.

  1. Becky Starr Reply

    I love your purse collection!! You have impeccable taste..this is what classic beauty is..when a piece does not go out of style (like the purses you got yrs ago) know it's classy :-)

  2. lissaandbeauty Reply

    @Babli0257. Yes I have and it has been such a journey. My favorite place would definitely have to be Dubai. 2nd would be Bahrain. There is so much to do and see and it was an amazing journey. That is awesome that you too have been traveling as well. I just missed out on the whole opportunity to purchase cosmetics from other countries because I was really not into make then, but now I have been getting makeup from friends that are in other countries to try out. Thanks again my lovely beauty.

  3. lissaandbeauty Reply

    @J Zelaya. Thank you so much my lovely beauty. Sorry for the late reply but for some reason this was marked as spam:( I appreciate you taking the time to watch my video and leave a comment. Take care.


    Wow u have travelled a lot it seems!! Which had been ur favorite place? I have travelled extensively too…so was a litl inquisitive

  5. lissaandbeauty Reply

    @chocolatedreamgurl. I know my lovely beauty I just love looking at all of the countries and seeing which ones I have been too 🙂 Thanks for watching and leaving a comment. 

  6. lissaandbeauty Reply

    @absolutely my lovely beauty. I will work on that video and get it uploaded. Thanks for watching my videos.

  7. lissaandbeauty Reply

    @yysaenxz413. Thank you my lovely beauty. I am so glad you liked the video.

  8. lissaandbeauty Reply

    @thesheppards84. Thank you my lovely beauty. That is my favorite one but, I still love my very 1st one that I bought. Thanks for taking the time to watch my video.

  9. lissaandbeauty Reply

    @Marielovesblue. Thank you so much. I wanted to make sure that since I had time to do the video request that you wanted. Thanks again my lovely beauty for the comments and watching my videos.

  10. lissaandbeauty Reply

    @turtlesrock153. Thank you my lovely beauty. I love that particular purse because it is so different. 

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