DSW Shoe Haul (true religion, coach, converse)

I got the shoes from DSW. They were not free, and we are not getting paid. ALL HONEST OPINION! :]

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20 thoughts on “DSW Shoe Haul (true religion, coach, converse)

  1. Anna JH Reply

    i love your style and i would say you are the only one here on youtube with such a unique style that not everyone can get or like!i personally love it!!and copying cityandmakeup NO in a million ways,you too are so different!!!<3

  2. brittany pannell Reply

    love those converse!! I have the black and hot pink ones and im gonna get the silver next :)

  3. brittany pannell Reply

    Love ur video…haha i have the same sparkle converse but there black.i wanted them forever and i finally got them for christmas….HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!!!

  4. christmas9lights Reply

    hey i have a question are those coach sneaker comfortable and do they hurt for 5 hours or so of wearing them or not i just want to know because i'm getting a pair and i'm freaking out because i don't really know can you can compare it to the converse because i heard the converse hurt for a few hours later

  5. angijuan Reply

    i suscribed because your mother and you are both in this together and that was so sweet + love your make up !!! it was flawless!

  6. ashleycamile Reply

    I used to work for dsw but I was prego and couldn't really wear heels :(. I'm not usually a sneaker girl but for all of those shoes I would be! Love the converse!! And the coach are cute as well!

  7. Brittany Balyn Reply

    @TheXoNikkiXo Number 1 my channel was made before hers.
    Number 2 100's of girls do videos like this just look up haul video
    Number 3 Me and her are friends so if I was copying her she wouldn't mind, but I'm not copying her 😀
    -thank you

  8. bellejem91 Reply

    Ugg collection video please!!!!:)

    ps! i loveee sneakers! just bought 3 more pairs to add to my collection! haha

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