Cleaning a leather purse

How I cleaned the Coach purse that I bought at the thrift store.

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7 thoughts on “Cleaning a leather purse

  1. Bag Obeans Reply

    Why would you use carpet cleaner to clean leather? You are basically drying out your leather. Saddle soap would have done the trick. Mink oil will eventually dry out your leather. Stuff your bag the next time you clean it. It will make it much easier.

  2. geminigal07 Reply

    Thank you. I'm glad you enjoyed the video. Folex is great. I hadn't heard of it before. It cleans so well. Thanks for watching.

  3. fivepetsihave Reply

    That purse looks great! I use folex for a number of uses great on stains. Love your vids keep up the good work!

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