How to Recognize a Fake Coach bag – Update!

How to Recognize a Fake Coach bag - Update!

Commonly asked questions-

* If I go to a Coach store will reps be able to tell me if a bag is fake?
ANSWER: Coach reps are NOT allowed to tell you whether an item is fake or not. As a matter of fact, I have been told that if you ask whether a bag is authentic or not, they will tell you its a fake (if you are doubting authenticity it is because you did not purchase the bag yourself at coach but rather other place, like ebay, etc).

* Can I send you pictures of my bag so you can tell me if you think its authentic or not?
ANSWER: Ofcourse! I am here to help.
Just email me detailed pics to

* Can you sell me any of the bags you show?
ANSWER: I want to do a blog sale, but I don’t want you guys to think the only reason I share the bags with you is to sell it to you. What do you think?

Please leave any other questions in the comment section, I would be more than happy to answer them ­čÖé

20 thoughts on “How to Recognize a Fake Coach bag – Update!

  1. Jason Kindler Reply

    if the bags look identical what is the value of buying the one that is from coach?´╗┐

  2. Dodged a Bullet Reply

    Your info that the zipper always says "ykk" or "ideal" is not accurate…I have several authentic Coach handbags purchased from major department stores that do not have those engraved marks. Also the interior lining can be striped, etc .´╗┐

  3. luckygurl70 Reply

    I have a question. I bought 2 bags at a Coach factory outlet so I know it's from a legitimate authorized Coach seller. I've watched yours and other videos on how to distinguish a real Coach. The zippers on the bag have YKK, the creed is neatly done, the C's line up at the seam, and the quality of the bag is nice. However the bags don't have a serial number on the creed. Why is that? There's a serial number on the price tag but not on the bag. ´╗┐

  4. cdz2864 Reply

    Someone made a prior comment regarding the zippers from the Coach store vs the Coach outlet. All of my handbags were purchased at the Coach outlet and two have the YKK zipper and one has the Ideal zipper. So that comment about the Coach store handbags having just the YKK zippers is not true.Oh, and another thing is that when handbags don't sell at the Coach stores, they send them to the Coach outlets to sell at a discount. This information was given to me by the manager of a Coach outlet store.┬á´╗┐

  5. juliana fern Reply

    Thank you so much for the information. My sister gave me a Coach bag and she thought it was fake thank you again I have a real Coach ´╗┐

  6. popinfresh Reply

    I didn't think people actually took the time to replicate coach bags. They aren't that expensive, just save up to buy the real deal…´╗┐

  7. Pandora Style Reply

    I know mine is real because i got it at a real coach store buti don't have those things because mine is not a bag i have like two little purses my mom bought me ­čÖé at the coach store┬á´╗┐

  8. TM Lugaro Reply

    i bought a coach wallet on ebay and it was a fake thanks to you i realized that so thank you very much´╗┐

  9. Nikisworld Reply

    All coach bags r currently made in China now. Also not all coach bags have a YKK zipper. I guess my advice for someone wondering if it's real or not..well there's no real way of knowing since China makes the real bags an they also make the fakes which means they can fake the YKK zippers too. So my advice is if u want a coach bag spend the extra hundred dollars and buy on directly from the store or outlet. ´╗┐

  10. Brands Luxury Reply

    In fact it's fake ll…but a lot of them(AAA) look okay. most of them from Putian China , ´╗┐

  11. Hsiu Chen Reply

    Going to a coach store will not help you know if a bag is fake or real. I have bought bags from coach factory and you can take it to a coach store and because they haven't seen it before they assume it is fake. ´╗┐

  12. jennifer sauceda Reply

    hello there, do you think that someone would donate an authentic bag? there is this one bag that they are selling at a thrift store for 69.96. but was fabulous! I plan to go back and check out all the details but im scared to spend $70.00 + tax and then to find out that its fake!! what are your thoughts??´╗┐

  13. Aziza Rahman Reply

    Lucia please help me..I bought a Coach bag from a buyer without knowing it was fake..Afterall, it had a certificate no inside the bag..the price was low..I called Coach they are of no help..will not tell me if I give the number whether it is fake..Ebay..told me I need something in writing stating whether real or not..or they cannot help me get a refund…Please help me…I am fuming angry!!!!!!!!´╗┐

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