Coach Purse Wristlet & shoes haul

My collection of coach items and shoes

20 thoughts on “Coach Purse Wristlet & shoes haul

  1. ExclusivelyBeautiful Reply

    Omg I want the oslet pattern!! <3 I have the purse 🙂 so It would match to be inside <3 Are you selling it? <3

  2. kimmybbbyeah Reply

    This is a collection, not a haul. A haul would mean you just bought all of these.

  3. Catherine Yu Reply

    They are really attractive. How if fat ones also like it? Try this
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  4. Katie Williams Reply

    I don't think you know what haul means this is a collection video not a haul, a haul is when you are showing something you just bought

  5. Devon Bean Reply

    I LOVE this ristlet! (Then chucks it and doesn't even look where its going!) Haha I love you!

  6. Kimberly Bessenger Reply

    LOL and you have the skill and it actually makes the video and me laugh.. great skills keep it up!! LOL

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