Coach collection part 1~Vintage bags

I’m just sharing my love of Coach and vintage bags. This is a collection video of my vintage Coach bags. Most of these bags are 1990 bags. I bought most of these bags with my own money. I would love to hear who else has a love of handbags. Or coach. Or Vintage bags. Feel free to comment,Rate,or subscribe.
Have a great day!
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8 thoughts on “Coach collection part 1~Vintage bags

  1. Vintage Coach Collector Reply

    Good Video… 🙂 and yes — Vintage Coach Bags are The Best and no other brand's leather is like it — no matter how expensive, they just don't compare to Vintage Coach Leather! 🙂 Hold on to them just a little longer coz they are all gonna become very Collectible very soon (the Vintage Coach from the 1960's till the 1980's in particular, and of course the 1990's Made in Italy Coach Bags & Accessories are Highly Collectible as well) — in fact, Coach is celebrating their Vintage Coach Bags in a major way this year (2016) for their "COACH 75th Anniversary" — I saw their Vintage Coach Bags celebrated big time on their website

  2. MrsSassieD Reply

    I watched both of your videos about your Coach collection. You have a great collection. You are lucky to own so many of the made in USA bags. I only have one and I love it.

  3. Bag Obeans Reply

    If you go to google and go to images, you may find it. If not, go to ebay, type in vintage Coach, and you may find it. 

  4. Klassic Mike Reply

    Hi Burg Mom. Thanks for the kind words & thank you for visiting my Youtube channel. It's nice to share the same appreciation for quality classic Coach bags. I agree with you about the classics. Compared to the newer type of Coach bags, I prefer the older style glove tanned leather because they have a more structured look and those types of bags are resilient as opposed to the newer Coach bags that are being developed these days. I also like bags made by Etienne Aigner. Their website is nice!

  5. Burg Mom Reply

    Thanks for watching! It's so nice to meet another person who loves Coach classic bags. Most people don't give them a second look. I look forward to seeing some of your videos.

  6. Klassic Mike Reply

    Very nice collection. The small bag that you showed after the camel purse is called the
    Coach Abbie Bag. It is style number 9017. I have done some reviews on many of the Coach classic bags from the 90s and some from the post 2000 era. Future videos of mine will showcase some vintage Coach purses from the early to mid 80s.
    Thank you for sharing your reviews and thoughts. Have a nice day.

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