Review – Coach Swagger Bag Carryall in Nude Colorblock

A review of my Coach Swagger Bag, medium size in Nude Color Block. Hope you enjoy and as always thank you so much for taking the time to watch!
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9 thoughts on “Review – Coach Swagger Bag Carryall in Nude Colorblock

  1. Maricela Castaneda Reply

    would you let me know the measurements on this bag please it looks quiet big! even tho is considered medium, thank you

  2. jennaploof Reply

    I have the Swagger Carry-All in pebbled leather with the matte black hardware version and I am obsesssssssed with it. I haven't been as a happy with a bag purchase in a long time as I am with this one! I actually like the zipper because I like that the panels across the top lie flat against the sides and kind of hide away like a tote, but that's all personal preference! This nude colour that you have is makes me want to go and track it down, though I'm not sure anyone needs two Swaggers. Thanks for the great video! xx

  3. marka pasos Reply

    Great review. I have this same bag only in a different color. dark red and pink inside with the orange handles. I love it. The only thing is that the "dog tags" came off by themselves and I'm finding it very hard to put them back on. So they do come off.

  4. Jessica Brown Reply

    Great video. When you say your's is the medium size, does that mean it's the 27 size?

  5. IjH67 Reply

    Great review! This has to be my favorite Coach bag. I love all of the gold details and the color block is so interesting. It looks great on you. Thanks for sharing. Xoxo 😊

  6. Stanleydragonjr Reply

    what a great bag,i have always loved Coach,i still have my fair share,great quality. love this review, great work bag
    take care
    all the best to you and your family

  7. Kathryn Garcia Reply

    Such a lovely bag! I am going to look at other colors to see what they offer. I love satchels more than any other bag type.

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