Designer Thrift Haul Coach Bags, Brighton, Tosca Blu

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14 thoughts on “Designer Thrift Haul Coach Bags, Brighton, Tosca Blu

  1. Heather Creates Reply

    I have ordered off Zenni and I just go to Walmart or another big box store and they are happy to adjust them! Your phone films like a fun house mirror!!

  2. vanessa Herron Reply

    My eBay Fabulousfinders, see we do have similar names also🙀 It been fairly busy lately, I've been purchasing plus size tops to sell, my daughter in law gave me some things of hers they sold right away, so I tested it and they are flying out, but as we know things go in trends. I'm going to your account today to take a peek. Thanks Dana hope to converse again soon.🌺

  3. Patricia Halabet Reply

    A pair of prescription glasses like yours in Canada costs about $650.00. We are horribly ripped off.

  4. vanessa Herron Reply

    Hey sis, glad to see you, hope your well, love all you thrift, funny thing I buy very similar items as you, I do look for fossil a lot, I sell on eBay and fossil is always a sure thing. Was wondering what your eBay name is, love to look at what you have for sale💖 Wish i was brave enough to do you tube and show things I buy, and have for sale, maybe someday🙀 Have a good week💖

  5. Carolyn Prater Reply

    Thank you!I have heard they take forever to send are receive them back thanks again.

  6. Lupe Torres Reply

    love the black coach beautiful. and I really like your glasses the turtle shells look very good on you. thank you very much for sharing the link to the glasses. I bought me a pair .

  7. IKandai1 Reply

    I loved everything! DIY Blueprint is awesome. Please check out my hauls on my channel.

  8. Carolyn Prater Reply

    I love your hauls as well as your glasses can you tell me if the cost of your glasses cover the lenses and how long did it take for delivery?love your videos..

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