Coach K Says “F*ck You” to Kyrie Irving at Team USA Practice

Coach K Says

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It probably wasn’t a good idea for NBA TV to broadcast Team USA’s practice live on Wednesday, especially when you’ve got a bunch of grown men shootin’ the sh*t. A microphone caught Duke men’s basketball coach Mike Krzyzewski saying ‘F*ck You’ to Kyrie Irving after the point guard made a joke to his former college coach. Take a look.

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20 thoughts on “Coach K Says “F*ck You” to Kyrie Irving at Team USA Practice

  1. cheerios p Reply

    a team from the D League will win the gold medal even a female WNBA team. the guys from the NBA don't even have to play hahaha there's no competition.

  2. Bryant Brown Reply

    Coach K,
    thank you for letting me live my dream as a blue devil and believing in me when no one else did. The lessons I learned were mysterious and phenomenal. Thank you for your patience guidance and wisdom. I pray I can go back and get my degree in cosmology. Basketball is important but there are so many frontiers to explore. You taught me to expand my mind. Hopefully I can bring you infinite rings and mvps from CLE.

  3. DatDude Dean Reply

    "Yea, coach can be serious sometimes… but dam did he had to be like dat tho…" -Kyrie Irving

  4. The youtube factory & laboratory Reply

    I think that isn't a problem for USA. Wtch someone's practice isn't enough to beat him.
    Did I understand right? THey shot theire sh…t to the coach?

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