My Leather Coach Wallet

My Leather Coach Wallet – Ponzi says it’s time to let my favorite wallet go, and get a new one… or get mine fixed. With a Coach wallet, you can send it in to be re-sewn if it starts to come apart. The leather on my wallet is great still. But, Ponzi is worried about money falling out, due to the sewing coming apart.
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20 thoughts on “My Leather Coach Wallet

  1. stephy v Reply

    When will man ever learnt? We'll never win an argument with a woman. We'll drive ourselves crazy.

  2. Rick van Lieshout Reply

    @Microglia1 ponzi is a hot asian "gold digger" ….

    i have never ever seen her been thankfull to chris.

    chris may be a nerd, but if you don't actually know him for real you can't really judge about him can you?

  3. scottls Reply

    I know this is an old vlog but Chris, sometimes ya just got to say "Thanks honey, I love it!" no matter how you really feel, because there's just no winning. LOL

  4. Nancie Neal (Mometek) Reply

    My husband's wallet pretty much disintegrated before he got a new wallet.

    I don't think anything actually fell out of it. If it did, it fell out into his pocket.

  5. Bigda Bartek Reply

    You should say "do wathewer you want" and it woud take you 2 sec not 5 minutes

  6. Thor bre Reply

    What the hell are you talking about? This wasn´t a planned thing they were doing, this discussion was under a live stream, which was recorded. It´s not money in their pocket.

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