Custom Painted Coach Wallet. NK

Custom Painted Coach Wallet. NK

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18 thoughts on “Custom Painted Coach Wallet. NK

  1. Mery Bali Reply

    Hey! I would also like to paint my wallet with acrylic paint but I'm afraid she leaves with a time of use. Are what your drawing is removed or not? Thanks ^^

  2. Peter-Alan Sinclair Reply

    Serious question, when painting a leather wallet do you nees to prep it? Like when custom painting shoes you remove the protective layer.

  3. Nojo915 Reply

    Beautiful work!  What kind of brush are you using in the video?  Thanks so much…

  4. jenng2385 Reply

    Oh my!! This is beautiful!! You are truly talented.. Ever think about selling your work?? Seriously you should think about that, I think you'd do extremely well!! Way to go!!!!!!! Awesome.. 

  5. SailorxMia Reply

    wowwzaaa! i love all the little intricate details, everything looks so perfect :)) that is true talent! ..i wish I had that level of creativity!! 

  6. Natasha Kudashkina Reply

    @StringQueen1 Thank you! But it is custom made for a particular person already. If you want to order you own then you should contact me in email. I make this kind of custom is only specially for someone, so it is really is custom and unique :)

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