How to clean the inside of your COACH bag for FREE !

Hey ladies,
This video shows you how to clean the inside of a Coach bag with items we have at home already. This method can be used on both satin and fabric interiors. Don’t worry, you don’t have to be gentle, just make sure no water falls on leather (if you have a leather bag).
I´ll be doing another video soon telling you specifically how to take out penmarks… it is possible, believe me =)
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15 thoughts on “How to clean the inside of your COACH bag for FREE !

  1. Kimberly Puddicombe Reply

    hi there sweetie I love your videos and I have a question for you if you have ink stains on a coach carly purse the inside of the purse what is the best thing to put onto that and also at the bottom of the purse what is the best thing to put onto that the ink stains were there when I bought it off of ebay

  2. Laura Johnson Reply

    Thanks SO much! I didn't have a Coach purse, but a Banana Republic one with MAJOR ink stains and this worked great! I just wet the lining and sprayed Shout…almost immediately pen ink leaking out. Finished up with Dawn and rinse…voila!

  3. Crissy Zitzer Reply

    Worked great, thanks for the tip!  I love my bag, but hated the stains on the inside.  Note to self, don't buy a bag with such a light liner!  :)

  4. Valerie Anne (McGilvrey) Reply

    no WAY I wish I could do this but my purse is leather and it's never been wet. Mine is sooo dirty I will probably have to take it to the cleaners.

  5. sylviaoleksy Reply

    Great vid! I going to try it today! I luv my coach bag – but seriously inside there is not only makeup but also some candy that got stuck at some point… 🙂 And don't get me even started on the coffee stains! Great great tip – I didn't even know that I could do it like that – Now I know!! 

  6. Jennifer G Reply

    Hopefully it works since I'm selling 2 coach purses very cheap but there kinda dirty… -.-

  7. Bailey Gray Reply

    By the way, for even softer water that may not ruin the sued, you can add Borax to the water before putting the handbag in. For front loading machines, just add the Woolite and Borax to the dispenser. Of course no one would have recommended putting a coach bag in the washer, but it works great. Didn't cause any harm to the leather or material. 

  8. Bailey Gray Reply

    I'm not sure about putting a sued bag in the washing machine. Have you tried sued cleaners? Here's my suggestion… You can find all sorts of sued bags at the thrift stores for just a few bucks. Get one that has a similar type of sued and throw it in the washer. I would use something like Woolite since it's a more gentle soap and won't ruin it. Add soap to the water first. Don't put it in the dryer or it'll come out super stiff. Let us know how it comes out. Good luck!

  9. Lucia yovera Reply

    @Amelia Grey dont put suede in the washer. the suede will get hard and ruined. just in case….

  10. Amelia Grey Reply

    I kinda did gasp when I first read this but now I am contemplating it, I have a kind of beige/gold suede Coach bag and I wonder if it would clean or destroy my bag, have you used the washing machine on that type of material before?

  11. SaxophoneGirl Reply

    Thank you so much! I bought a vintage Coach on ebay that looked great on the outside, but was filthy on the inside- looked like someone spilled a latte in the bag! I was bummed, and felt ripped off until I found this video. This is my first Coach bag, and thanks to you, it looks -and smells- a lot better!

  12. Bailey Gray Reply

    I know this will make most of you gasp in horror, but I just put my Coach bag in the washing machine on the gentle cycle. It's hanging on the back of my bathroom door to dry right now. I was worried, but pretty desperate to get it clean, so I figured I'd take a chance and do it. This is a black Coach fabric bag with leather straps and trim. It looks as beautiful as the day I bought it, AND, the stains on the inside are GONE! I used stain stuff that comes in a pack of Dryelle (home drycleaning)

  13. Mayra Garibay Reply

    U shud do another "how to clean ur coach bag video " but for the outside of the bag .my coach bag is WHITE wit blue leather and idk how or wit wat to clean it :)

  14. meganlovescoach Reply

    I love all your coach vidoes! Your cleaning ones are awesome! I never would have thought to use dish soap, sometimes i wash mine in woolite, but the lining came out super clean with the dish soap!

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