How to clean a Coach Fabric Bag

A highly requested video from viewers asking me to show how I clean my fabric handbag. This is a Signature Coach handbag. I hope this video is helpful.
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6 thoughts on “How to clean a Coach Fabric Bag

  1. Lavern Hgg Reply

    Great video i have a question for you i bought a candy apple green sued limited edition coach years ago never really carried it but decided to use it going to the movies when i got home i discovered butter stains on it. What would you suggest a good way of cleaning it with distroying the bag ?

  2. AJ Wilson Reply

    I have a signature Fabric tote with the Pink thick stripe down the middle with 3 small black oil or grease stains on the pink what can o use to get them out ?

  3. CanIGetAnAmen Reply

    Thank you :). I appreciate you taking the time to show us how to shop smart AND take care if our bags :). Can you believe that my sister paid 60$ to get her coach dry cleaned??? It's baby blue and fabric. Guess what? It looked the SAME when she picked it up!!! I told her to watch your videos….

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