Ciecie’s World Vlog 2 Show and Tell with some Coach Purses

Sharing some good times – Friends, Dining out, Favorite handbags & and Saturday activities. Welcome to Ciecie’s World – Smile!


Hi, I’m Carlon, but I am known by the short name Ciecie. Everyone has a perspective on life. I do too and I welcome you to check it out here at Ciecie’s World. Keep Smiling!

Carlon (Ciecie) Newson

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6 thoughts on “Ciecie’s World Vlog 2 Show and Tell with some Coach Purses

  1. Ms Vakashun Reply

    You have some nice bags.  I used to have many bags but now I pretty much use the same bag all the time now.  Thanks for sharing.  Pls check out my channel and subscribe

  2. Lina Usman Reply

    You're so cute I really really like you. Could you be my friend?plz…I love you're video too. I can't wait to see more videos from you 🙂 sweetie you're awesome. 

  3. Jubilee Tantoy Reply

    Hey! I just came across your channel <3 Let's support each other! Lets do sub for sub so we can stay in touch! 🙂 let me know if you did sub :)

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