HUGE Designer Handbag Thrift Haul – Part 1: Coach, Furla, Radley London

Handbags, handbags, HANDBAGS! My most recent thrifted handbags. Enjoy, and thank you for watching! 😀

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20 thoughts on “HUGE Designer Handbag Thrift Haul – Part 1: Coach, Furla, Radley London

  1. Tyra Norris Reply

    Awesome haul! How do you clean the writing off the bottoms of shoes and the writing inside Goodwill handbags?

  2. peacheswhite38 Reply

    I waz just noticing how ure a thrift hauler but ure closet is so neat n clean and organized, maybe possibly u can help me give me sum tips on hw u keep everything so tidy. Also Love, Love,Love ure hauls vry good quality items highend desighns.

  3. Tammy Maldonado Reply

    Great video- how much funs- what great finds… do you have a favorite thrift store in dfw that you prefer to go to or do you just randomly shop throughout the metroplex? love the black calvin klein bag and that vintage red coach bag – girl – gorgeous! How would you clean a fabric coach purse – is there a product to use or dry clean it … or is it just done?

  4. Team FantasyGirls Reply

    Awwwww LOVE The Video!!
    Also We Wanted To Ask If We Could Sub For Sub??
    We Would Be Thank Full!! <3 <3 <3

  5. Fabulous Style Reply

    Wow, amazing bags! You find the best stuff. I love the vintage Coach, it is so sleek and high end looking. The red set is great too.
    I love watching your videos.

  6. Lupe Torres Reply

    thank you for the video it was super super great. I love handbags . specially the black one from London with the little hanging dog just fell in love with that bag.let me know if you're going to sell that bag please. all the bags were great thank you. love the videos😊

  7. gospeljamesjenitafra Reply

    Really enjoyed this video. Thanks for showing and sharing such beautiful items.

  8. Joyce Jones Reply

    Can I send you money to buy me nothing but purses. I love your shopping style.

  9. Noble Strength Reply

    Love the black vintage Coach with the cross body strap! Definitely a keeper! Also the red Coach is beautiful! Love the color too! Scores! :)

  10. Ms fili Reply

    i love the coach doctor bag!!! very nice haul girl got excited when this popped up :)

  11. Gayla Aucoin Reply

    amazing haul love the purses and wallets too  oh  almost forgot to ask if you buy head scarfs ?   I have two I`m picky about mine they have to be colorful and in good shape not cheap made but to buy cheap found hoodies dumpster diving they  came from a store that threw them away found a tommy purse needs a handle fixed but good shape over all  found body butter  and  eye  cream  lots of nail polish finger nail  files, toys throw pillows yes I do  have a bunch  dvds movie and Xbox games  so much stuff  I have saved from the land fields  still  dumpster diving if anyone wants to find good stuff for free check out your dumpsters  at stores I found Sunday a new queen size air mattress with a built in air pump that's my biggest find so far it will  get better you have to check on your dumpsters often why buy free  shoes clothes Knick knacks pictures wall  art so much more rubber made  food  keepers with the lids free in the dumpster I have been lucky  anyone can be too.

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