DIY Cleaning a Coach/Leather Handbag for only $4

Hi Loves
This is how I Clean my Leather Handbags .. Using Sanitize wipes ..Yep Sanitize wipes..
Check out the video For Before + After
XoXo Noelle Monroe

20 thoughts on “DIY Cleaning a Coach/Leather Handbag for only $4


    Thank you very much. I too get great bargains from the same stores and online. I tried the wipes and they work very well.

  2. Jessica Borel Reply

    It's nice to see someone showing vintage Coach bags some love.   I  refurbish my vintage bags too ( I probably own about 100 eek!!)  .  I am admin of a facebook page with LOTS of folks who are doing Coach rehabbing including dunking them in water and leather ph safe soap like Lexol.     IT'S FUN!

  3. carmen craine Reply

    I know a lot of people say that coaches out of style , but I still love them I think that they have quality leather bags .I have a couple of the signature bags but I'm not too crazy about them I really love the leather coach bags good video thank you for sharing

  4. TheBiancalov Reply

    do you have any advice on leather coats..had it in the basement and it stinks with that basement smell 70 to get it cleaned 

  5. Noellez Klozet Reply

    Thanx for your Comment.. These are vintage thrifted bags that where purchased in the condition shown in the video .. I personally dont care for a really shiny bag. I like the rugged look and using these wipes did not dry the bags out to me .. This is what works for me but Thanx again for your comment.

  6. Noellez Klozet Reply

    Aww Thanx So much .. Im a cheap person so I have to find ways to make it work 🙂 I really appreciate your comment 🙂 

  7. purse lover Reply

    Thank you for making this video. I found it to be very informative. I was questioning how to clean a tan leather bag and I am so glad you made a video and actually showed the leather before and after.
    It is funny how so many people think you have to use the "Coach" leather cleaner on their bags when adventurous people like yourself find just as good if not better and cheaper ways to clean a bag. Great video.

  8. tawandasue Reply

    Hello! I bought a Michael Kors suede bucket yesterday at Goodwill for 4.00. I was so excited! It a burnt orange and filthy inside, but I thought it was a haul. Any ideas on how to clean suede? This is the best video I've seen about cleaning them. Vintage Rocks! Thanks, Maren

  9. Noellez Klozet Reply

    @cecnurse1 Your So Welcome Hun .. THis way is safer ,, I literraly ran the wipe across it like 10 times but it got the job done 😉 Also The alcohol ddabbing affedt really work to pull up ink stain just remeber to wipe wipe wipe after to get a even blend after using alcohol 

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